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The Future Of Group Technology 

GroupKii™ makes it easier for you to manage your Facebook group members the way you want, with a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Collect New Member 

Emails With One Click…

No more copy/pasting, into google sheets. In a single click, GroupKii™ automatically collects & uploads new member email addresses and questions.

Google Sheet Integrations and API for CRM

GroupKii™ enables you to download the CSV file and also sends the questions and answers to your Google Sheets. You'll be able to connect your GroupKii™ to your HighLevel account for ease of adding new contacts.

Growth of Group and Engagement Tracking

GroupKii™ will track your groups engagement and track your groups growth by the perimeters you have set in place. Within the Back-office you'll able to see who was approved and declined and also follow up in the messenger.

"I use GroupKii™ with ELMessenger Pro to keep track of all of my leads that join my FB groups. I can say with confidence that this was by far the easiest to use system. Being able to keep track of those that paid to be in my group with just a simple tag and follow up within my goHighlevel crm is just amazing, way to go CloudKii team! "

- Scott Campbell - Group Excellence Coach- (New York)


Follow these 4 simple steps to get GroupKii™ synced to your group today…

Step 1.

Activate GroupKii™ 

Start your account and activate GroupKii™ on your Google Chrome web browser.

Step 2.

Integrate Your CRM

You’ll then sync GroupKii™ to the email marketing software of your choice, through your Google Sheets as we develop more integrations. So that you can instantly collect & upload new member email addresses to your CRM.

Note: GroupKii™ currently supports HighLevel through the api. More integrated autoresponders coming soon, ie: active campaign, Aweber, GetResponse. Everything can be connected through your Google Sheets and you can download the csv file. 

Step 3.

Approve - Decline & Send Messages!

Whether you're approving a new member to your community or declining due to unanswered questions, you'll be able to send them a message based off of your settings! Spin that message so it's not the same and lead people where you want them to go! It's simple...

Step 4.

Welcome New Members

Make sure to set up your Welcome Posts, and watch as your new approvals get their warm welcome into your community.

Then watch how easy connecting with your Members can be!

"The ease of the software when I want to add new members to our Paid Groups and be able to send them automated messages with a link to schedule a call with us is GOLD!"

- Cindy Kramp - Women's Ministry Group- (California)

GroupKii™ was created by marketers of over 12 years of working with 6,7, even 10 figure earners, who understand the importance of your Online communities.

GroupKii™ makes it easier for you to manage your Facebook group members the way you want, with a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use.

When you join GroupKii™ you'll be given access to our exclusive Facebook™ Community just for GroupKii™...

  • A private Facebook™ group with hundreds of other group leaders & influencers.
  • Access to our Support and Developers for Feature requests...
  • Regular enhancements & new features.

We offer a 30 Day Refund on all software purchases as long as you submit to support. We guarantee our support will be there for you every step of the way!

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